University of Edinburgh Astrobiology PhD Projects 2024

University of Edinburgh Exoplanet PhD Projects 2024

Breakthrough results in astrobiology: is ‘high risk’ research needed?

Astronomical and Cosmochemical Aspects of the Life Origin Problem

Effects of general relativity on habitable zone particles under the presence of an inner perturber around solar-mass stars

JWST Measurements of 13C, 18O, and 17O in the Atmosphere of Super-Jupiter VHS 1256 b

TESS Giants Transiting Giants V — Two hot Jupiters orbiting red-giant hosts

Controls of Atmospheric Methane on Early Earth and Inhabited Earth-like Terrestrial Exoplanets

Kepler Multi-Transiting Systems Physical Properties and Impact Parameter Variations

TOI-1736 and TOI-2141: two systems including sub-Neptunes around solar analogs revealed by TESS and SOPHIE h

The apparent tidal decay of WASP-4 b can be explained by the Rømer effect

Spright: a probabilistic mass-density-radius relation for small planets

Retrievals Applied To A Decision Tree Framework Can Characterize Earth-like Exoplanet Analogs

Black Holes and Warp Drive

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