The GAPS programme at TNG – XLVIII. The unusual formation history of V1298 Tau

Gaia Search for (sub)stellar Companions of Exoplanet Hosts

Exploring Climate with Obliquity in a Variable-eccentricity Earth-like World

A Blind Search for Transit Depth Variability with TESS

On the likely magnesium-iron silicate dusty tails of catastrophically evaporating rocky planets

Evidence for Low-Level Dynamical Excitation in Near-Resonant Exoplanet Systems

The evaporation of planetary atmosphere

Fully time-dependent cloud formation from a non-equilibrium gas-phase in exoplanetary atmospheres

CHEOPS observations of KELT-20 b/MASCARA-2 b: an aligned orbit and signs of variability from a reflective dayside

Tidal dissipation in stably stratified and semi-convective regions of rotating giant planets: incorporating Coriolis forces

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