Gravitational lensing for interstellar power transmission

Shadows and photon spheres in static and rotating traversable wormholes

2023 Astrophotonics Roadmap: pathways to realizing multi-functional integrated astrophotonic instruments

Signs of Similar Stellar Obliquity Distributions for Hot and Warm Jupiters Orbiting Cool Stars

Using Lyman-α transits to constrain models of atmospheric escape

Secular Orbital Dynamics of the Possibly Habitable Planet K2-18 b with and without the Proposed Inner Companion

Thermal conductivity of MgO in giant planetary interior conditions predicted by deep potential

Radiative Transfer and Inversion codes for characterizing planetary atmospheres: an overview

AC Her: Evidence of the first polar circumbinary planet

TransitFit: combined multi-instrument exoplanet transit fitting for JWST, HST and ground-based transmission spectroscopy studies

The Importance of the Upper Atmosphere to CO/O2 Runaway on Habitable Planets Orbiting Low-Mass Stars

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