Detection of the infrared aurora at Uranus with Keck-NIRSPEC

Venus’s atmospheric nitrogen explained by ancient plate tectonics

NIGHT: a compact, near-infrared, high-resolution spectrograph to survey helium in exoplanet systems

Classify and Explore the Diversity of Planetary Population and Interior Properties

The Inhomogeneity Effect. I. Inhomogeneous Surface and Atmosphere Accelerate Planetary Cooling

The Inhomogeneity Effect. II. Rotational and Orbital States Impact Planetary Cooling

The Inhomogeneity Effect. III. Weather Impacts on the Heat Flow of Hot Jupiters

The GAPS programme at TNG XLIX. TOI-5398, the youngest compact multi-planet system composed of an inner sub-Neptune and an outer warm Saturn

Long-term Orbital Period Variation of Hot Jupiters from Transiting Time Analysis using TESS Survey Data

Synthetic Detections of Interstellar Objects with The Rubin Observatory Legacy Survey of Space and Time

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