Planet Earth, Past and Present – Parallels Between Our World and its Celestial Neighbors

Rewiring the Human Brain: How Extra-terrestrials Shape Humanity

The Origin and Early Evolution of Life: Homochirality Emergence in Prebiotic Environments

Unveiling microbial diversity in deep geothermal fluids, from current knowledge and analogous environments

Quantification of Electron/Positron Pairs for Matter/Anti-Matter Propulsion — Recent Experimental Results

A Simultaneous Dual-site Technosignature Search Using International LOFAR Stations

Active Metasurfaces for Nonā€Rigid Light Sail Interstellar Optical Communication

An analytic theory for the resolution attainable using eclipse mapping of exoplanets

Gaia Astrometry and MIKE+PFS Doppler Data Joint Analysis Reveals that HD 175167b is a Massive Cold Jupiter

The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs. Telluric absorption corrected high S/N optical and near-infrared template spectra of 382 M dwarf stars

TOI-544 b: a potential water-world inside the radius valley in a two-planet system

Near-Infrared Transmission Spectroscopy of HAT-P-18b with NIRISS: Disentangling Planetary and Stellar Features in the Era of JWST

Atmospheric carbon depletion as a tracer of water oceans and biomass on temperate terrestrial exoplanets

Searching for Planets Orbiting Fomalhaut with JWST/NIRCam

The Potential of Detecting Nearby Terrestrial Planets in the HZ with Different Methods

HD152843 b & c: the masses and orbital periods of a sub-Neptune and a super-puff Neptune

Separated twins or just siblings? A multi-planet system around an M dwarf including a cool sub-Neptune

Magnetic Fusion Plasma Drive

Astronomical Anomalies: Their Role in the Quest for Extraterrestrial Life

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