CROCODILE – Incorporating medium-resolution spectroscopy of close-in directly imaged exoplanets into atmospheric retrievals via cross-correlation

Three young planets around the K-dwarf K2-198: High-energy environment, evaporation history and expected future

A Search for Technosignatures Around 11,680 Stars with the Green Bank Telescope at 1.15–1.73 GHz

Investigation on transit observations of the WASP-10 and WASP-11 systems

Simulating medium-spectral-resolution exoplanet characterization with SCALES angular/reference differential imaging

Refutation of K2-256b and Rejection of 130 Unconfirmed Transiting Planet Candidates with Gaia DR3 NSS

Confirmation of a Sub-Saturn-size transiting exoplanet orbiting a G dwarf: TOI-1194 b and a very low mass companion star: TOI-1251 B from TESS

Constraining the formation history of the HAT-P-11 system by atmospheric abundances

Can comets deliver prebiotic molecules to rocky exoplanets?

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