Black Holes as Cosmic Signposts: The Great Filter Hypothesis

Jupiter-like planets might be common in a low-density environment

Long Term Human Presence in Space Requires Artificial Gravity and Radiation Shielding

Quantification of Electron/Positron Pairs for Matter/Anti-Matter Propulsion — Recent Experimental Results

The space weather around the exoplanet GJ 436b – II. Stellar wind–exoplanet interactions

Percolation of ‘civilisation’ in a homogeneous isotropic universe

TOI-199 b: A Well-characterized 100 day Transiting Warm Giant Planet with TTVs Seen from Antarctica

ELemental abundances of Planets and brown dwarfs Imaged around Stars (ELPIS). I. Potential Metal Enrichment of the Exoplanet AF Lep b and a Novel Retrieval Approach for Cloudy Self-luminous Atmospheres

Double Trouble: Two Transits of the Super-Earth GJ 1132 b Observed with JWST NIRSpec G395H

Experimental Investigation of the Photochemical Production of Hydrocarbons in Warm Gas Giant Exoplanet Atmospheres

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