Could AI find alien life faster than humans, and would it tell us?

Characterizing the Near-infrared Spectra of Flares from TRAPPIST-1 During JWST Transit Spectroscopy Observations

A review of planetary systems around HD 99492, HD 147379, and HD 190007 with HARPS-N

Large Interferometer For Exoplanets (LIFE) – X. Detectability of currently known exoplanets and synergies with future IR/O/UV reflected-starlight imaging missions

TOI-5126: A hot super-Neptune and warm Neptune pair discovered by TESS and CHEOPS

The Feasibility of Detecting Biosignatures in the TRAPPIST-1 Planetary System with JWST

Direct Measurements of Stellar Masses with the Habitable World Observatory

Tidal migration of exoplanets around M-dwarfs: frequency-dependent tidal dissipation

A Complex Systems Approach to Exoplanet Atmospheric Chemistry: New Prospects for Ruling Out the Possibility of Alien Life-As-We-Know-It

Investigation on the Orbital Period Variations of NN Ser: Implications for the Hypothetical Planets, the Applegate Mechanism and the Orbital Stability

Planetary companions orbiting the M dwarfs GJ 724 and GJ 3988. A CARMENES and IRD collaboration

WD0141-675: A case study on how to follow-up astrometric planet candidates around white dwarfs

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