The Activity of a Solar-Type Star TOI-1422 and Mass Loss of the Atmosphere of the Planet TOI-1422b

Application of the Thermodynamics of Radiation to Dyson Spheres as Work Extractors and Computational Engines and Their Observational Consequences

JWST transmission spectroscopy of HD 209458b: a super-solar metallicity, a very low C/O, and no evidence of CH4, HCN, or C2H2

Dynamical Architectures of S-type Transiting Planets in Binaries I: Target Selection using Hipparcos and Gaia proper motion anomalies

On the effect of tidal deformation on planetary phase curves

Where are the Water Worlds? Identifying the Exo-water-worlds Using Models of Planet Formation and Atmospheric Evolution

Methods for Incorporating Model Uncertainty into Exoplanet Atmospheric Analysis

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