Fitting the Light Curve of 1I/’Oumuamua with a Nonprincipal Axis Rotational Model and Outgassing Torques

TOI 4201 b and TOI 5344 b: Discovery of Two Transiting Giant Planets around M-dwarf Stars and Revised Parameters for Three Others

Outgassing Composition of the Murchison Meteorite: Implications for Volatile Depletion of Planetesimals and Interior-atmosphere Connections for Terrestrial Exoplanets

Spectral Retrieval with JWST Photometric data: a Case Study for HIP 65426 b

First VLTI/GRAVITY Observations of HIP 65426 b: Evidence for a Low or Moderate Orbital Eccentricity

Surrounded by Giants: Habitable Zone Stability Within the HD 141399 System

Hydrodynamical modelling of tidal dissipation in gas giant planets at the time of space missions

Reconstructing Atmospheric Parameters of Exoplanets Using Deep Learning

Solvent constraints for biopolymer folding and evolution in extraterrestrial environments

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