Finding exoplanets using object detection

Investigation of the Effect of the Errors of Limb Darkening Coefficients on the Geometric Parameters of a Binary System with an Exoplanet

Photosynthesis Under a Red Sun: Predicting the absorption characteristics of an extraterrestrial light-harvesting antenna

Exploring the Potential of Twinkle to Unveil the Nature of LTT 1445 Ab

Revisiting planetary systems in the Okayama Planet Search Program: A new long-period planet, RV astrometry joint analysis, and a multiplicity-metallicity trend around evolved stars

Traversable Lorentzian wormhole on the Shtanov-Sahni braneworld with matter obeying the energy conditions

False Planets around Giant Stars: A Case Study of Sanders 364 in M67

Prospects from TESS and Gaia to constrain the flatness of planetary systems

PACOME: Optimal multi-epoch combination of direct imaging observations for joint exoplanet detection and orbit estimation

The path to detecting extraterrestrial life with astrophotonics

Constraining the reflective properties of WASP-178b using Cheops photometry

Simulation-based Inference for Exoplanet Atmospheric Retrieval: Insights from winning the Ariel Data Challenge 2023 using Normalizing Flows

Metallicity and Spectral Evolution of WASP-39 b: The Limited Role of Hydrodynamic Escape

TESS Spots a Super-Puff: The Remarkably Low Density of TOI-1420b

Planetary Scale Information Transmission in the Biosphere and Technosphere: Limits and Evolution

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