September 12, 2023 updates

Webb Discovers Methane, Carbon Dioxide in Atmosphere of K2-18 b

Carbon-bearing Molecules in a Possible Hycean Atmosphere

Stellar obliquity and planetary albedo in HAT-P-32 – Derived from the TESS light curve

Induction heating of planetary interiors in white dwarf systems

A Nondetection of Iron in the First High-resolution Emission Study of the Lava Planet 55 Cnc e

The Influence of Hydrogen Sulfide on the Optical Properties of Planetary Organic Hazes: Implications for Exoplanet Climate Modeling

Swarming Proxima Centauri: Optical Communications Over Interstellar Distances

Bioverse: The Habitable Zone Inner Edge Discontinuity as an Imprint of Runaway Greenhouse Climates on Exoplanet Demographics

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