Stoichiometric model of a fully closed bioregenerative life support system for autonomous long-duration space missions

An imaged 15 MJup companion within a hierarchical quadruple system

The GAPS programme at TNG – XLV. HI Balmer lines transmission spectroscopy and NLTE atmospheric modelling of the ultra-hot Jupiter KELT-20b/MASCARA-2b

A mineralogical reason why all exoplanets cannot be equally oxidising

GJ 9404 b: A Confirmed Eccentric Planet, and not a Candidate

Cylindrical Wormholes and Electromagnetic Field

Bound circumplanetary orbits under the influence of radiation pressure: Application to dust in directly imaged exoplanet systems

Infrared spectra of TiO2 clusters for hot Jupiter atmospheres

Variations in climate habitability parameters and their effect on Earth’s biosphere during the Phanerozoic Eon

Reflected spectroscopy of small exoplanets III: probing the UV band to measure biosignature gasses

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