Interstellar Anthropology and Cultural Infrastructures for a Spacefaring Species

The Quest for Warp Drive and Faster-Than-Light (FTL) (Alcubierre Alternate View)

On the importance and challenges of modelling extraterrestrial photopigments via density-functional theory

Numerical quantification of the wind properties of cool main sequence stars

Another look at the dayside spectra of WASP-43b and HD 209458b: Are there scattering clouds?

The Unusual M-dwarf Warm Jupiter TOI-1899 b: Refinement of Orbital and Planetary Parameters

Activity of the Star Gl 414A with Two Planets and its Effect on the Loss of Mass of the Atmosphere of the Planet Gl 414A b

The Oxygen Bottleneck for Technospheres

Magnetohydrodynamical torsional oscillations from thermo-resistive instability in hot jupiters

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