Can XunTian Tai Chi intervention improve the level of emotional regulation of crew members in the Controlled Ecological Life Support System?

Nature-Inspired Concepts for High-Power Electric Propulsion Systems

Confidence of Life Detection: The Problem of Unconceived Alternatives

Complete X-ray census of M dwarfs in the solar neighborhood I. GJ 745 AB: Coronal-hole stars in the 10 pc sample
Signal Synchronization Strategies and Time Domain SETI with Gaia DR3

Close Encounters of the Interstellar Kind: Exploring the Capture of Interstellar Objects in Near Earth Orbit

Measuring Tidal Dissipation in Giant Planets from Tidal Circularization

Magnetic winding and turbulence in ultra-hot Jupiters

Chasing rainbows and ocean glints: Inner working angle constraints for the habitable worlds observatory

The Space Experiment of the Exo-ecosystem

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