For All Kind: Astrobiology and SETI Beyond “Mankind”

The Exo-Jupiter Candidate FL Lyr b in Data of Kepler and TESS Space Missions

The Variable Detection of Atmospheric Escape around the Young, Hot Neptune AU Mic b

Upper bounds on technoemission rates from 60 years of “silence”

Fizzy Super-Earths: Impacts of Magma Composition on the Bulk Density and Structure of Lava Worlds

Modeling the Chromosphere and Transition Region of Planet-hosting Star GJ 436

OGLE-2019-BLG-0825: Constraints on the Source System and Effect on Binary-lens Parameters arising from a Five Day Xallarap Effect in a Candidate Planetary Microlensing Event

Can Cold Jupiters Sculpt the Edge-of-the-Multis?

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