Analogous response of temperate terrestrial exoplanets and Earth’s climate dynamics to greenhouse gas supplement

On Detecting Interstellar Scintillation in Narrowband Radio SETI

The HARPS search for southern extra-solar planets – XLVII. Five Jupiter-mass planets in long-period orbits, one highly irradiated Neptune, one brown dwarf, and five stellar binaries

Constraining the Thickness of TRAPPIST-1 b’s Atmosphere from Its JWST Secondary Eclipse Observation at 15 μm

DMPP-4: Candidate sub-Neptune mass planets orbiting a naked-eye star

Orbital alignment of the eccentric warm Jupiter TOI-677 b

Another look at the dayside spectra of WASP-43b and HD 209458b: are there scattering clouds?

WASP-193b: An extremely low-density super-Neptune

Day and Night: Habitability of Tidally Locked Planets with Sporadic Rotation

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