Statistics of Magrathea exoplanets beyond the main sequence – Simulating the long-term evolution of circumbinary giant planets with TRES

Trade-offs in high-contrast integral field spectroscopy for exoplanet detection and characterisation – Young gas giants in emission

NTPSS-vPower: A model for system simulation of a nuclear thermal propulsion system

Transmission spectroscopy of the lowest-density gas giant: metals and a potential extended outflow in HAT-P-67b

Where are the Water Worlds?: Self-Consistent Models of Water-Rich Exoplanet Atmospheres

Information Gain as a Tool for Assessing Biosignature Missions

TOI 4201 b and TOI 5344 b: Discovery of Two Transiting Giant Planets Around M Dwarf Stars and Revised Parameters for Three Others

TOI-4201: An Early M-dwarf Hosting a Massive Transiting Jupiter Stretching Theories of Core-Accretion

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