Research for an Early-Stage Development of the First Interstellar CubeSat Powered by Solar Sailing Technology

Optimization of Photon-sail Trajectories to Alpha Centauri Using Evolutionary Neurocontrol

Photon-sail trajectories towards exoplanet Proxima b using heteroclinic connections

Extraterrestrial Impacts Creating Architectures for Life

The extremely high albedo of LTT 9779 b revealed by CHEOPS – An ultrahot Neptune with a highly metallic atmosphere

The mass of gas giant planets: Is Saturn a failed gas giant?

Chasing extreme planetary architectures – I. HD 196885 Ab, a super-Jupiter dancing with two stars?

Power of wavelets in analyses of transit and phase curves in the presence of stellar variability and instrumental noise II. Accuracy of the transit parameters

Attitude control for a full-scale flexible electric solar wind sail spacecraft on heliocentric and displaced non-Keplerian orbits

TOI-1859b: A 64 Day Warm Jupiter on an Eccentric and Misaligned Orbit

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