LavAtmos: An open-source chemical equilibrium vaporization code for lava worlds

Search for planets in hot Jupiter systems with multi-sector TESS photometry. III. A study of ten systems enhanced with new ground-based photometry

Interferometric apodization by homothety — I. Optimization of the device parameters

Spitzer thermal phase curve of WASP-121 b

KMT-2022-BLG-0475Lb and KMT-2022-BLG-1480Lb: Microlensing ice giants detected via non-caustic-crossing channel

Examining NHD vs QHD in the GCM THOR with non-grey radiative transfer for the hot Jupiter regime

DREAM: III.A helium survey in exoplanets on the edge of the hot Neptune desert with GIANO-B@TNG

An imaged 15Mjup companion within a hierarchical quadruple system

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