Alone But Not Lonely: Exploring for Extraterrestrial Life

Application of the HeliosX ICF Advanced Propulsion Mission Analysis Code to Perturbed Interstellar Design Models

Scattering transparency of clouds in exoplanet transit spectra

Towards Network-Based Planetary Biosignatures: Atmospheric Chemistry as Unipartite, Unweighted, Undirected Networks

On the behaviour of spin-orbit connection of exoplanets

The Orbital Eccentricity Distribution of Planets Orbiting M dwarfs

Retrieval survey of metals in six ultra-hot Jupiters: Trends in chemistry, rain-out, ionisation and atmospheric dynamics

Large Uncertainties in the Thermodynamics of Phosphorus (III) Oxide (P4O6) Have Significant Implications for Phosphorus Species in Planetary Atmospheres

The Optical Phase Curves of CoRoT-1 b

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