Isotopic constraints on lightning as a source of fixed nitrogen in Earth’s early biosphere

The Mantis Network – III. Expanding the limits of chemical searches within ultra-hot Jupiters: New detections of Ca I, V I, Ti I, Cr I, Ni I, Sr II, Ba II, and Tb II in KELT-9 b

Awesome SOSS: Atmospheric characterisation of WASP-96 b using the JWST early release observations

An In-depth Look at TOI-3884b: A Super-Neptune Transiting an M4Dwarf with Persistent Starspot Crossings

Operational performance parameter range in ICF propulsion theory

Scaling K2. VI. Reduced Small Planet Occurrence in High Galactic Amplitude Stars

The Spin-Orbit Misalignment of TOI-1842b: The First Measurement of the Rossiter-McLaughlin Effect for a Warm Sub-Saturn around a Massive Star

Ponderings on the Possible Preponderance of Perpendicular Planets

Structure of the planetary 2:1 MMR.Mapping the structure of the planetary 2:1 mean motion resonance. The TOI-216, K2-24, and HD27894 systems

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