Modeling of Absorption in the Hα Line for the Exoplanet WASP-52b

CHEOPS’s hunt for exocomets: photometric observations of 5 Vul

The influence of a close secondary star on the planetary formation: The case of γ cephei b

Effective two-body scatterings around a massive object

Retrieval Survey of Metals in Six Ultrahot Jupiters: Trends in Chemistry, Rain-out, Ionization, and Atmospheric Dynamics

Nanotechnology enabled radioprotectants to reduce space radiation-induced reactive oxidative species

Close Encounters of the Interstellar Kind: Examining the Capture of Interstellar Objects in Near Earth Orbit

A hot super-Earth planet in the WASP-84 planetary system

The Period Distribution of Hot Jupiters is Not Dependent on Host Star Metallicity

Identification and Classification of Exoplanets Using Machine Learning Techniques

Photochemical hazes dramatically alter temperature structure and atmospheric circulation in 3D simulations of hot Jupiters

Astrophysical parameters of M dwarfs with exoplanets

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