Impact of M Dwarfs Ultraviolet Radiation on Prebiotic Chemistry: The Case of Adenine

Morphology of the gas-rich debris disk around HD 121617 with SPHERE observations in polarized light

TOI-1442 b and TOI-2445 b: Two potentially rocky ultra-short period planets around M dwarfs

The Accessible Universe: On the Choice to Require Bodily Modification for Space Exploration

The final frontier: what is distinctive about the bioethics of space missions? The cases of human enhancement and human reproduction

Bioethical Issues in Human Modification for Protection against the Effects of Space Radiation

Extreme Speeds in the Universe: From Light to Life

Survival and dynamics of rings of co-orbital planets under perturbations

Dynamics of the clumps partially disrupted from a planet around a neutron star

AIOLOS – A multi-purpose 1-D hydrodynamics code for planetary atmospheres

The mass determination of TOI-519 b: a close-in giant planet transiting a metal-rich mid-M dwarf

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