Interstellar travel and advancements in nuclear thermal propulsion and power

Life Origin in the Milky Way Galaxy: I. the Stellar Nucleogenesis of Elements Necessary for the Life Origin

Secular orbital dynamics of the innermost exoplanet of the υ-Andromedæ system

On the Possibility of Observing Nitric Oxide on Terrestrial Exoplanets Using the WSO-UV Observatory

Effect of the Eccentricity of the Planet’s Orbit on the Limb Darkening Coefficients of the Eclipsed Star

Detection of Rubidium and Samarium in the Atmosphere of the Ultrahot Jupiter MASCARA-4b

Advanced life peaked billions of years ago according to black holes

On the nature of the planet-powered transient event ZTF SLRN-2020

Origins of Life on Exoplanets

An unusually low-density super-Earth transiting the bright early-type M-dwarf GJ 1018 (TOI-244)

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