May 04, 2023 updates

A Revisited Analysis of the Radioisotope Sail and Its Possible Application to Relativistic Spaceflight

An infrared transient from a star engulfing a planet

Improved precision of radial velocity measurements after correction for telluric absorption

Three Long-period Transiting Giant Planets from TESS

Generalizing scaling laws for mantle convection with mixed heating

Photosynthesis Under a Red Sun: Predicting the absorption characteristics of an extraterrestrial light-harvesting antenna

Wapiti: a data-driven approach to correct for systematics in RV data — Application to SPIRou data of the planet-hosting M dwarf GJ 251

An Interferometric SETI Observation of Kepler-111 b

Schedule optimization for transiting exoplanet observations with NASA’s Pandora SmallSat mission

Sub-Jovian desert of exoplanets at its boundaries. Parameter dependence along the main sequence

VaTEST II: Statistical Validation of 11 Exoplanets of TESS Orbiting K-type Stars

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