The Gods Subsist – Possible Worlds, Set Theory and Theory and the Anthropic Principle

Visualizing Ultrafast Kinetic Instabilities in Laser-Driven Solids using X-ray Scattering

Mission Design of an Aperture-Synthetic Interferometer System for Space-Based Exoplanet Exploration

China proposes alien planet mission to hunt habitable worlds by scanning wobbling stars

Envisioning the next generation of space telescopes

CO or no CO? Narrowing the CO abundance constraint and recovering the H2O detection in the atmosphere of WASP-127 b using SPIRou

Toward 3D Retrieval of Exoplanet Atmospheres: Assessing Thermochemical Equilibrium Estimation Methods

Carbon-rich icy moons and dwarf planets

Narrow loophole for H2-dominated atmospheres on habitable rocky planets around M dwarfs

X-ray Activity Variations and Coronal Abundances of the Star-Planet Interaction candidate HD 179949

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