Comet 2I/Borisov in Comparison with Comets of the Solar System

Kinematic Evidence of an Embedded Protoplanet in HD 142666 Identified by Machine Learning

Warm giant exoplanet characterisation: current state, challenges and outlook

Prospects for the characterization of habitable planets

Lorenz Energy Cycle: Another Way to Understand the Atmospheric Circulation on Tidally Locked Terrestrial Planets

GJ3470-d and GJ3470-e: Discovery of Co-Orbiting Exoplanets in a Horseshoe Exchange Orbit

Tidal dissipation in stratified and semi-convective regions of giant planets

Detection of carbon monoxide’s 4.6 micron fundamental band structure in WASP-39b’s atmosphere with JWST NIRSpec G395H

WASP-131 b with ESPRESSO I: A bloated sub-Saturn on a polar orbit around a differentially rotating solar-type star

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