Neutrino and EM asterometric detection of habitable exoplanets

Geometry as Communication with Nonhuman Intelligences

Linking Methanogenesis in Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Vent Systems to Planetary Spectra: Methane Biosignatures on an Archean-Earth-like Exoplanet

Carbon monoxide emission lines reveal an inverted atmosphere in the ultra hot Jupiter WASP-33 b consistent with an eastward hot spot

Nature of Intense Magnetism and Differential Rotation in Convective Dynamos of M-dwarf Stars with Tachoclines

A hydrodynamic study of the escape of metal species and excited hydrogen from the atmosphere of the hot Jupiter WASP-121b

The Breakthrough Listen Search for Intelligent Life: Nearby Stars’ Close Encounters with the Brightest Earth Transmissions

Observing atmospheric escape in sub-Jovian worlds with JWST

Residual eccentricity of an Earth-like planet orbiting a red giant Sun

Earth shaped by primordial H2 atmospheres

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