Earth shaped by primordial H2 atmospheres

A mini-chemical scheme with net reactions for 3D general circulation models – II. 3D thermochemical modelling of WASP-39b and HD 189733b

Inferring the Rate of Technosignatures from 60 yr of Nondetection

Relation between mass and radius of exoplanets distinguished by their density

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence as One-Shot Hypothesis Testing

Exploring Gravitomagnetic Effects in Rotating Conductors: Implications for Podkletnov’s Experimental Observations.’s_Experimental_Observations

Oxygenic photosynthetic responses of cyanobacteria exposed under an M-dwarf starlight simulator: Implications for exoplanet’s habitability

Cold Jupiters and improved masses in 38 Kepler and K2 small-planet systems from 3661 high-precision HARPS-N radial velocities. No excess of cold Jupiters in small-planet systems

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