March 08, 2023 updates

A low-eccentricity migration pathway for a 13-h-period Earth analogue in a four-planet system

Orbit-to-ground framework to decode and predict biosignature patterns in terrestrial analogues

The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs – A long-period planet around GJ 1151 measured with CARMENES and HARPS-N data

Effect of improved atmospheric opacities in modelling sub-Neptunes – A case study for GJ 1214 b

EDEN Survey: Small Transiting Planet Detection Limits and Constraints on the Occurrence Rates of Planets around Late-M Dwarfs within 15 pc

Review of X-ray pulsar spacecraft autonomous navigation

Superstoichiometric Alloying of H and Close-Packed Fe-Ni Metal Under High Pressures: Implications for Hydrogen Storage in Planetary Core

The Low-Altitude Ionosphere of the Ice Giant Planets

Revisiting the Transit Timing and Atmosphere Characterization of the Neptune-mass Planet HAT-P-26 b

The young mini-Neptune HD 207496b that is either a naked core or on the verge of becoming one

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