The Fundamental Policy of First Contact

Planetary population synthesis and the emergence of four classes of planetary system architectures

Traversable wormhole without exotic matter

Direct discovery of the inner exoplanet in the HD 206893 system – Evidence for deuterium burning in a planetary-mass companion

A Bayesian Analysis of Technological Intelligence in Land and Oceans

Coplanar Circumbinary Planets Can Be Unstable to Large Tilt
Oscillations in the Presence of an Inner Polar Planet

Experimental study of frost detectability on planetary surfaces using multicolor photometry and polarimetry

Planetary line-to-accretion luminosity scaling relations: Extrapolating to higher-order hydrogen lines

Spin evolution of Venus-like planets subjected to gravitational and thermal tides

Dynamical Evolution of Closely Packed Multiple Planetary Systems Subject to Atmospheric Mass-Loss

New models of reflection spectra for terrestrial exoplanets: Present and prebiotic Earth orbiting around stars of different spectral types

The TESS Triple-9 Catalog II: a new set of 999 uniformly-vetted exoplanet candidates

The occurrence rate of giant planets orbiting low-mass stars with TESS

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