Large Interferometer For Exoplanets (LIFE)
VII. Practical implementation of a five-telescope kernel-nulling beam combiner with a discussion on instrumental uncertainties and redundancy benefits

Supernovae might be a good cue to hunt for alien signals

Stable lifetime of compact, evenly-spaced planetary systems with non-equal masses

A new dynamical modeling of the WASP-47 system with CHEOPS observations

Absence of extended atmospheres in low-mass star radius-gap planets GJ 9827 b, GJ 9827 d and TOI-1235 b

The low density, hot Jupiter TOI-640 b is on a polar orbit

Searching for the nature of stars with debris disks and planets

A full transit of ν2 Lupi d and the search for an exomoon in its Hill sphere with CHEOPS

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