Addressing Spaceflight Biology through the Lens of a Histologist–Embryologist

Outreach of an Exoplanet Research and the PLATO Space Mission in the Czech Republic

Biosignature Line Ratios of [P II] in Exoplanetary and Nebular Environments

Planetary Orbit Eccentricity Trends (POET). I. The Eccentricity–Metallicity Trend for Small Planets Revealed by the LAMOST–Gaia–Kepler Sample

Multiverse Predictions for Habitability: Element Abundances

Using helium 10830 Å transits to constrain planetary magnetic fields

Imaging of exocomets with infrared interferometry

Comparisons of the core and mantle compositions of earth analogs from different terrestrial planet formation scenarios

A precise blue-optical transmission spectrum from the ground: Evidence for haze in the atmosphere of WASP-74b

Sporadic Spin-Orbit Variations in Compact Multi-planet Systems and their Influence on Exoplanet Climate

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