TOI-5205b: A Short-period Jovian Planet Transiting a Mid-M Dwarf

Peering into the Young Planetary System AB Pic. Atmosphere, Orbit, Obliquity & Second Planetary Candidate

Oxygenic photosynthetic responses of cyanobacteria exposed under an M-dwarf starlight simulator: Implications for exoplanet’s habitability

A Mini-Chemical Scheme with Net Reactions for 3D GCMs II. 3D thermochemical modelling of WASP-39b and HD 189733b

The Effect of Metallicity on the Non-Equilibrium Abundance of Hydrogen Dominated Exoplanet Atmosphere

Mid-infrared spectroscopy of planetary analogs: A database for planetary remote sensing

TOI-3235 b: a transiting giant planet around an M4 dwarf star

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