Peering into the young planetary system AB Pic

Analyzing the engineering feasibility of the direct fusion drive

EXPLANATION: Exoplanet and Transient Events Investigation Project

FluxCT: A Web Tool for Identifying Contaminating Flux in Kepler and TESS Target Pixel Files

Searching for Gravitational-Wave Counterparts using the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite

Chaotic winds from a dying planet: a one-dimensional map for evolving atmospheres

Validating AU Microscopii d with Transit Timing Variations

Presence of liquid water during the evolution of exomoons orbiting ejected free-floating planets

Detecting Solar System Analogs through Joint Radial Velocity/Astrometric Surveys

Microlensing due to free-floating moon-planet systems

Astrometric Accelerations as Dynamical Beacons: A Giant Planet Imaged Inside the Debris Disk of the Young Star AF Lep

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