The tidal excitation of r modes in a solar type star orbited by a giant planet companion and the effect on orbital evolution I: The aligned case

High-eccentricity Migration with Disk-induced Spin–Orbit Misalignment: A Preference for Perpendicular Hot Jupiters

Evidence that Core-Powered Mass-Loss Dominates Over Photoevaporation in Shaping the Kepler Radius Valley

A dynamical mass for GJ 463 b: A massive super-Jupiter companion beyond the snow line of a nearby M dwarf

On the follow-up efforts of long-period transiting planet candidates detected with Gaia astrometry

A Dynamical Systems Approach to the Theory of Circumbinary Orbits in the Circular Restricted Problem h

The PEPSI Exoplanet Transit Survey (PETS). II. A Deep Search for Thermal Inversion Agents in KELT-20 b/MASCARA-2 b with Emission and Transmission Spectroscopy

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