Statistical Correlations of Exoplanet Eccentricities

A deep-learning search for technosignatures from 820 nearby stars

Propulsion and Power from Cylindrical and Spherical Magneto-inertial Fusion Plasmas

Direct driving of simulated planetary jets by upscale energy transfer

The elements of life: A biocentric tour of the periodic table

Overcoming Inverse-square Law of Gravitation and Luminosity for Interstellar Hyperspace Navigation by Celestial Objects

Wavelet-enabled Star Classification: A Deep Learning Approach for Identifying Binary and Exoplanet Stars

The TIME Table: Rotation and Ages of Cool Exoplanet Host Stars

Hot exoplanetary atmospheres in 3D

A Machine Learning approach for correcting radial velocities using physical observables

The Hubble/STIS Near-ultraviolet Transmission Spectrum of HD 189733b

Binary microlensing with plasma environment — Star and planet

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