Simultaneous gas accretion onto a pair of giant planets: Impact on their final mass and on the protoplanetary disk structure

ESA-Ariel Data Challenge NeurIPS 2022: Introduction to exo-atmospheric studies and presentation of the Atmospheric Big Challenge (ABC) Database

Mass Derivation of planets K2-21b and K2-21c from Transit Timing Variations

Hubble WFC3 Spectroscopy of the Terrestrial Planets L 98–59 c and d: No Evidence for a Clear Hydrogen Dominated Primary Atmosphere

Unraveling the evolution of hot Jupiter systems under the effect of tidal and magnetic interactions and mass loss

Climate and atmospheric models of rocky planets: habitability and observational properties

Synthetic Population of Interstellar Objects in the Solar System

Dynamically Stable Radiation Pressure Propulsion of Flexible Lightsails for Interstellar Exploration

Black holes as tools for quantum computing by advanced extraterrestrial civilizations

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