Precise dynamical masses of new directly imaged companions from combining relative astrometry, radial velocities, and HIPPARCOS-Gaia eDR3 accelerations

Breakdown of planetary systems in embedded clusters

Tidal Distortions as a Bottleneck on Constraining Exoplanet Compositions

The Possible Tidal Demise of Kepler’s First Planetary System

Comparative Analysis of Observations of the Selected Exoplanet Transits Obtained at the Kyiv Comet Station with the Database of the Orbital Telescopes TESS and KEPLER

Limb darkening measurements from TESS and Kepler light curves of transiting exoplanets

Kepler-80 Revisited: Assessing the Participation of a Newly Discovered Planet in the Resonant Chain

Orbital structure of planetary systems formed by giant impacts: stellar mass dependence

Hubble WFC3 Spectroscopy of the Terrestrial Planets L~98-59~c \& d: No Evidence for a Clear Hydrogen Dominated Primary Atmosphere

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