December 06, 2022 updates

DTN-based Multi-link Bundle Protocol Architecture for Deep Space Communications

Combined Heat Shield and Solar Thermal Propulsion System for an Oberth Maneuver

On the first probe to transit between two interstellar civilizations

An Early Catalog of Planet-hosting Multiple-star Systems of Order Three and Higher

A Six Year, Low-resolution, Multibroadband Transit Photometry Study of HD 189733b

Dynamics of the Great Oxidation Event from a 3D photochemical-climate model

Searching for Intelligent Life in Gravitational Wave Signals Part I: Present Capabilities and Future Horizons

Boundary Layers of Circumplanetary Disks around Spinning Planets I. Effects of Rossby Waves

KOBEsim : a Bayesian observing strategy algorithm for planet detection in radial velocity blind-search surveys

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