NASA’s Webb Reveals an Exoplanet Atmosphere as Never Seen Before

Episodic Plate Tectonics on Europa: Evidence for Widespread Patches of Mobile-Lid Behavior in the Antijovian Hemisphere

A strong H− opacity signal in the near-infrared emission spectrum of the ultra-hot Jupiter KELT-9b

Star–planet interaction – Wave structures and wing-wing interaction

Transmission spectroscopy of WASP-7 b with UVES – Detection of Na i D2 and tentative D1 line absorption

Erratum: “Giant Outer Transiting Exoplanet Mass (GOT ‘EM) Survey. II. Discovery of a Failed Hot Jupiter on a 2.7 yr, Highly Eccentric Orbit”

Tentative Evidence for Transit-timing Variations of WASP-161b

An efficient Monte Carlo model for the slowing down of photoelectrons. Application to H-$\alpha$ in exoplanet atmospheres

Revisiting the space weather environment of Proxima Centauri b

Exciting the TTV Phases of Resonant Sub-Neptunes

Making hot Jupiters in stellar clusters: the importance of binary exchange

Observations of planetary winds and outflows

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