Chemical evolution in ices on drifting, planet-forming pebbles

JWST/MIRI coronagraphic performances as measured on-sky

Radial velocity survey for planets around young stars (RVSPY)

Simulations of Triple Microlensing Events I: Detectability of a scaled Sun-Jupiter-Saturn System

Binary microlensing with plasma environment — Star and planet

Water and an escaping helium tail detected in the hazy and methane-depleted atmosphere of HAT-P-18b from JWST NIRISS/SOSS

An efficient Monte Carlo model for the slowing down of photoelectrons. Application to H- in exoplanet atmospheres

A Circumplanetary Dust Ring May Explain the Extreme Spectral Slope of the 10 Myr Young Exoplanet K2-33b

Flutter Mechanism Analysis for Circular Solar Sail

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