SimAb: A simple, fast, and flexible model to assess the effects of planet formation on the atmospheric composition of gas giants

Efficiently combining α CenA multi-Epoch high-contrast imaging data

The Information Catastrophe and Space Settlement

The high-albedo, low polarization disk around HD 114082 harbouring a Jupiter-sized transiting planet

Removal of Hot Saturns in Mass-Radius Plane by Runaway Mass Loss

Is the hot, dense sub-Neptune TOI-824b an exposed Neptune mantle? Spitzer detection of the hot day side and reanalysis of the interior composition

Measuring the Obliquities of the TRAPPIST-1 Planets with MAROON-X

Traveling planetary-scale waves cause cloud variability on tidally locked aquaplanets

Repeating fast radio bursts produced by a strange star interacting with its planet in an eccentric orbit

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