Autonomous Navigation of Relativistic Spacecraft: Theory and Applications

Activity of Stars with Planets in the Habitable Zone

A Meteor of Apparent Interstellar Origin in the CNEOS Fireball Catalog

Exploring the Ability of HST WFC3 G141 to Uncover Trends in Populations of Exoplanet Atmospheres Through a Homogeneous Transmission Survey of 70 Gaseous Planets

HD 191939 revisited: New and refined planet mass determinations, and a new planet in the habitable zone

Importance of Sample Selection in Exoplanet Atmosphere Population Studies

Refining the Masses and Radii of the Star Kepler-33 and its Five Transiting Planets

Chasing extreme planetary architectures: I- HD196885Ab, a super-Jupiter dancing with two stars?

X-ray Activity on the Star-Planet Interaction Candidate HD 179949

The discovery of three hot Jupiters, NGTS-23b, 24b and 25b, and updated parameters for HATS-54b from the Next Generation Transit Survey

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