The GAPS programme at TNG – XL. A puffy and warm Neptune-sized planet and an outer Neptune-mass candidate orbiting the solar-type star TOI-1422

Gaia–TESS synergy: improving the identification of transit candidates

A Transmission Spectrum of the Sub-Earth Planet L98-59 b in 1.1–1.7 μm

TESS Giants Transiting Giants III: An eccentric warm Jupiter supports a period-eccentricity relation for giant planets transiting evolved stars

Unstructured Grid Dynamical Modeling of Planetary Atmospheres using planetMPAS: The Influence of the Rigid Lid, Computational Efficiency, and Examples of Martian and Jovian Application

Winds and magnetospheres of stars and planets: similarities and differences

TESS Timings of 31 Hot Jupiters with Ephemeris Uncertainties

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