Fast Transit Interplanetary Exploration with Extreme Solar Sail Missions

Constraints on Evolutionary Timescales for M Dwarf Planets from Dynamical Stability Arguments

A sub-Neptune transiting the young field star HD 18599 at 40 pc

Occurrence rate of hot Jupiters around early-type M dwarfs based on TESS data

Atmospheric heat redistribution effect on Emission spectra of Hot-Jupiters

Characterization of the HD 108236 system with CHEOPS and TESS. Confirmation of a fifth transiting planet

TOI-969: a late-K dwarf with a hot mini-Neptune in the desert and an eccentric cold Jupiter

Estimating the depth of gaps opened by planets in eccentric orbit

TOI-1136 is a Young, Coplanar, Aligned Planetary System in a Pristine Resonant Chain

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