Consequences of dynamically unstable moons in extrasolar systems

Estimating the depth of gaps opened by planets in eccentric orbit

celmech: A Python Package for Celestial Mechanics

Extremely Inclined Orbit of the S-type Planet γ Cep Ab Induced by the Eccentric Kozai–Lidov Mechanism

Lava World: Exoplanet Surfaces

Exoplanet atmosphere evolution: emulation with neural networks

Roaring Storms in the Planetary-Mass Companion VHS 1256-1257 b: Hubble Space Telescope Multi-epoch Monitoring Reveals Vigorous Evolution in an Ultra-cool Atmosphere

A Catalog of Habitable Zone Exoplanets

Simulating reflected light coronagraphy of Earth-like exoplanets with a large IR/O/UV space telescope: impact and calibration of smooth exozodiacal dust

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