September 30, 2022 Updates

A hot sub-Neptune in the desert and a temperate super-Earth around faint M dwarfs

Solar sail with inflatable toroidal shell

Water vapor absorption line parameters in the 6760–7430 cm–1 region for application to CO2-rich planetary atmosphere

Searching for the Transit Signal of the Exoplanet Gl 514 b in the TESS Photometry

Constraints on extragalactic transmitters via Breakthrough Listen observations of background sources

Beating stellar systematic error floors using transit-based densities

TESS spots a mini-neptune interior to a hot saturn in the TOI-2000 system

Predicted diversity in water content of terrestrial exoplanets orbiting M dwarfs

Modification of the radioactive heat budget of Earth-like exoplanets by the loss of primordial atmospheres

An old warm Jupiter orbiting the metal-poor G-dwarf TOI-5542

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