To Boldly Go, Where No One Has Gone Before: Overview of the Science Discoveries Enabled by an Interstellar Probe in the 2030’s…44.3194B/abstract

Stella: Europe’s contribution to a NASA interstellar probe…44.3196B/abstract

The Pragmatic Interstellar Probe Study: Completion and Results…44.3195M/abstract

Testing theories of gravitation with the Interstellar Probe Radio Experiment…44.3010P/abstract

Could They Have Been in the Asteroid Belt? The Subtleties of Technosignatures…44.2817E/abstract

‘We can find life outside the solar system in 25 years’, researcher says

Optical properties of the solar gravity lens

Bayesian Characterisation of Circumbinary Sub-stellar Objects with LISA

Structural stability of a lightsail for laser-driven interstellar flight

The Exoplanet Modeling and Analysis Center at NASA Goddard

The Demographics of Kepler’s Earths and super-Earths into the Habitable Zone

Revisiting the Transit Timing Variations in the TrES-3 and Qatar-1 systems with TESS data

Multifractal charactarization as a function of timescale in the light curves with planetary signal observed by the kepler mission

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